Master's and Doctoral theses

 From research proposal to reality! Students enrolled in a graduate research program must write a master’s or doctoral thesis that will be rigorously evaluated by a committee.                         

Preparing your research proposal

Good preparation is one of the most important keys to success. During the first semester of your master’s or doctoral program, you will lay the groundwork, in collaboration with your supervisor, for how you plan to approach your object of study and the objectives you wish to achieve. 

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Essential information for writing

Writing a Master's or Doctoral thesis is a major endeavor. That’s why it’s important to start working on your manuscript as soon as you can. The Faculty of Graduate and Postgraduate Studies provides you with the information and tools you need to write effectively and efficiently in keeping with the standards in effect. 

Writing tools and language of writing

Consult the various writing tools (templates, checklists, etc.) to ensure compliance with current writing standards.

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Types of theses

Learn more about the different types of authorized manuscripts and their respective characteristics.

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Rules for writing

Get all the information you need to write your Master's or Doctoral thesis.

Before submitting your Master's or Doctoral thesis

Get information about important dates and milestones and the forms to complete before making your initial submission.

Important things to check  


Submitting your Master's or Doctoral thesis

Once you have finished writing your Master's or Doctoral thesis and filled out and signed the required forms, it is time to make your initial submission.

Making your initial submission

Processing time and certificates


Evaluation of your Master's or Doctoral thesis

Learn about the different steps in the evaluation process and the rules your manuscript will be subject to.

Doctoral thesis defence

Your Doctoral thesis defence is a crucial step on the path to graduation. It is the culmination of your doctoral studies.

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Release and publication

Learn about the steps involved in releasing and publishing your research results.

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