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Graduate studies

Université Laval has a variety of programs and combined study options to meet your graduate training needs, depending on your academic background, field of study, and goals. Get multidisciplinary training that gives you the flexibility you need for today’s job market, and the knowledge and skills you want to help move society forward.

Shorts programs

We have a wide range of short graduate programs (9 to 18 credits) and graduate diploma (DESS) programs (30 credits) to choose from.

Individualized programs

Our individualized programs allow you to pursue interdisciplinary studies on an academic path tailored to your specific needs.

Research master's degree

Develop your research skills and methods with a program that incorporates scientific or creative research and culminates in a thesis.

Course-based master’s degree

This practice-based program leads to a master’s degree and gives students the opportunity to develop professional expertise through coursework and an internship or intervention project.


Whether you want to do research or become a highly qualified practitioner, the doctorate is for you! Two types of doctoral degree are awarded at Université Laval: the doctor of philosophy (PhD) and the professional doctorate in a particular field of knowledge.


Explore the many international mobility options available to you when you study at Université Laval. These opportunities are a great way for students to enhance their university experience.

étudiant de l'Université Laval

Accelerated options

If you have strong research skills or an outstanding academic record, you may be able to complete your graduate studies faster by opting for an integrated, fast-track, or direct-entry graduate program.

Dispute settlement

There are several mechanisms available to resolve disagreements or conflicts that may arise during your studies.


Learn more about the steps to take to obtain your diploma and the various attestations you can obtain before and after graduation.