Postdoctoral Fellows

 Join the more than 500 postdoctoral fellows from around the world promoting innovation and advancing sustainable research at Université Laval. Contributions from fellows enrich our 275 centres, chairs, institutes and other research clusters. Come expand your horizons with leading researchers renowned for innovation.

Doing a postdoctoral fellowship

A postdoctoral fellowship at Université Laval allows you to play an active and vital role in developing and conducting activities with UL research clusters. You can also contribute to the quality of UL programs by getting involved in teaching.

 The purpose of a postdoctoral fellowship is to acquire additional skills and expertise that help facilitate the transition to an independent career in research, whether in academia, the public and broader public sector, or the private sector.

Université Laval Postdoctoral Fellowship Welcoming and Supervision Policy (PDF, 251 Ko)

Université Laval Postdoctorate Fellowship Welcoming and Supervision Directive (PDF, 264 Ko)


Finding a supervisor for your fellowship

To do a postdoctoral fellowship at Université Laval, you must first find a professor willing to supervise your work and welcome you on their research team. For a list of researchers in your field and research projects underway, see the directory of researchers and research expertise (in French only).

Once you find someone who agrees to supervise you, they will send you an official letter of invitation indicating: 

  • The fellowship start and end dates
  • The nature of the planned research
  • The conditions of remuneration (scholarships, salaries, social benefits, payment terms, etc.)
  • Any other information deemed useful

 It is a good idea to agree on an arrival date and make an appointment at your host unit with the person who will be supervising your fellowship.



Administrative procedures

 When you arrive to start your fellowship, there are several administrative steps you’ll need to take to confirm your status at Université Laval and obtain access to the services to which you are entitled. 

Prepare your application 

Fellowship completion certificate

At the end of your postdoctoral fellowship, you can request an official completion certificate by filling out this form (in French only).

 Upon receipt of the form, the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (FESP) will issue an official certificate specifying the nature, duration and location of your fellowship.

 As of May 3, 2021, a fee of $9 per certificate will be charged.

When you leave the University, be sure to notify your host unit, FESP, and the Registrar’s Office of your departure.


Postdoctoral or medical fellow status

There are different options available to you if you wish to continue your studies after your doctorate.

See the different statuses


Financial support

As a postdoctoral fellow, you can benefit from different sources of funding.

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International postdoctoral fellows

Before coming to Canada, find out how to obtain a work permit for your postdoctoral fellowship.

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Activities, initiatives and tools

Take advantage of the professional and personal development opportunities available to postdoctoral fellows.

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