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Future students

Pursue graduate studies and fulfill your potential! Explore the many opportunities available through innovative programs led by renowned and dedicated faculty on a campus with an extensive science and technology infrastructure devoted to teaching and research.

Become a graduate student

Université Laval has more than 200 research-oriented graduate options for you to choose from, ranging from master’s and doctoral degrees to graduate diploma, short graduate, and postdoctoral programs. Whether you’re looking for a unique and innovative program or a partnership, cotutelle, or joint degree option with another internationally renowned university, you’ll find a program in line with your aspirations

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Scholarships and financial support

Nearly $21 million in scholarships and financial aid is awarded annually to graduate students. There are many funding opportunities with a wide variety of eligibility criteria, making them accessible to a broad range of students


Optimal supervision and support

Strategic measures have been put in place to facilitate your academic progress. Various tools exist to optimize collaborative work and foster healthy relationships based on knowledge and experience.

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Scope of research

Université Laval is recognized as one of the best universities in Canada, with over $400 million in annual research funding and an immersive and innovative research environment. Nearly 10,000 graduate students actively contribute to the work of over 275 research centres, chairs, institutes and other research groups. This rich and diverse research ecosystem forms the heart of our institution.

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Find your research supervisor

Choosing the person who will supervise and work closely with you is a crucial step on your academic journey. Give this matter careful consideration, as it is central to your study plan.

International applicants

Want to study in Canada? Choose Université Laval for your graduate studies or research and enjoy an outstanding experience in a safe and welcoming French-speaking environment?

Choose ULaval for a world of opportunities

Located in beautiful Québec City, Université Laval provides an outstanding academic and research environment with state-of-the-art facilities and a multitude of services in close proximity.