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Short graduate programs are managed by different UL faculties depending on the discipline. They are a good way to delve deeper into a subject or brush up your knowledge.  

Short graduate programs

Short graduate programs allow you to hone your skills in a particular field of study. Generally offered on a part-time basis, these programs range from 9 to 18 credits (3 to 6 courses) and form an academically cohesive whole. A certificate of completion is awarded to students who successfully complete all requirements.

Graduate diploma programs (DESS)

A graduate diploma (DESS) helps you prepare for the workplace in a specific field. A DESS consists of 30 graduate-level credits. Most DESS programs include a practical component (e.g., internship or paper) that allows students to apply the theoretical knowledge gained in class. 

Admission to short programs

Admission to short graduate programs follows the same process as admission to a bachelor’s program. It is based primarily on your academic progress and does not require you to obtain approval from a professor before applying. Refer to the requirements in the official program description to check your eligibility.

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