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Internships and study or research visits

Mobility programs allow Université Laval students to study, do an internship, or conduct research at another institution in Québec, out of province, or abroad.

In Québec

The Inter-University Transfer Authorization agreement  between Québec universities allows you to take one or more courses at a university other than Université Laval. These courses can be recognized as part of your program.

In Canada

Agreements between certain Canadian Association for Graduate Studies  member universities allow you to take a course or do an internship at another Canadian university.

Course credits earned this way may be recognized in your program.

In the case of an internship, you can obtain official recognition from the university that hosts you.

Forms and documents


Studying abroad

Many opportunities for study abroad are available to graduate students at Université Laval.

Internships abroad

As a graduate student, you can do an internship and research in a new environment abroad and enjoy an extraordinary intercultural experience.

Whether you’re an international student interested in spending time at Université Laval or a Québec student hoping to study abroad, make sure you meet the host country requirements for international students with respect to visas, insurance, and so on before you make plans.

See the steps to follow to prepare your study abroad adventure .