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Submitting your Master's or Doctoral thesis

Once your Master's or Doctoral thesis is complete and your forms have been filled out and signed, it is time for your initial submission. It is through this important step that the evaluation process begins.

Two ways to proceed with the initial submission of the master's or doctoral thesis :

Initial submission by email

Here is the procedure for making the initial submission by email.

To make your initial submission, you must send your documents to:

Important! To avoid problems, use your email address.

Your email must contain the following information:

Subject: Initial submission – Master's or Doctoral thesis of LAST Name and First Name

Body of the message:

  • LAST NAME, first name - IN
  • Program (Master’s or PhD + discipline + if applicable, research-creation)
  • LAST NAME, first name of your supervisor
  • LAST NAME, first name of your co-supervisor, if applicable
  • Title of the manuscript
  • Number of pages

Documents to be transmitted 

Your email must include:

  • The original Master's or Doctoral thesis file (Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice or LaTeX source file)
  • The PDF version of the Master's or Doctoral thesis (regardless of the format chosen for writing)
  • All required forms applicable to your situation.

Each of the files must include your LAST NAME- Firt Name–IN in its title. 

Using OneDrive

If your files are large, it is recommended that you send them via OneDrive.

The University has an agreement that provides you with free access to Office 365, including the OneDrive application. To authenticate yourself and use OneDrive, sign in with your University login and password (IDUL – PIN).

See the procedure for creating a OneDrive folder (PDF, 353 KB).

Once your folder is created, you need to copy and paste the URL generated for your documents in OneDrive into the body of your email. 

Important! Use only an unrestricted link (modification allowed, no expiration date, and no password). To facilitate processing and avoid errors, ensure that the file contains only the documents and versions relevant to your initial filing. 

FESP recommends avoiding other file sharing services such as WeTransfer or DropBox.

Electronic initial submission form

The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies is currently testing an electronic form for the initial submission (French only) of the Master's or Doctoral thesis as part of a pilot project.

The form allows you to easily proceed with the initial submission of your Master's or Doctoral thesis in a compliant and complete manner. The use of this form does not entail any processing delay and is available to the entire student community.

Important! Once the form has been sent, you will receive an automatic acknowledgment of receipt of the form. Make sure you also receive an email from the address: confirming your initial deposit.

Questions about the form? Write to us at: