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Before submitting your Master's or Doctoral thesis

Before making your initial submission, there are some key steps you need to take. It is important to ensure that your initial deposit is complete and that it respects rules of presentation.

If information or documents are missing, processing of your initial submission will be needlessly delayed.

Pre-submission checklist

Before submitting your Master's or Doctoral thesis, make sure you have checked each of the following points:

- You are registered for the current session and for the entire session of your initial submission: 

  • in your degree program OR
  • in ongoing research OR
  • in a course* from another program to which you have been admitted at Université Laval.

*Professional Skills Development (DVP) courses do not meet this requirement.

- The title of the Master's or Doctoral thesis listed on your transcript in Capsule is identical to the title of the document you are about to submit to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

If it is not, contact academic advising of your program to have it corrected.

- You have written your Master's or Doctoral thesis in accordance with the FESP presentation rules (Academic Regulations, section 12).

- You have submitted your Student Declaration on research ethics (SRV-101) to Academic Advising of your program.

- You have completed and signed all required forms applicable to your situation in the following section.

Required forms for initial submission

Several forms must be filled out when you submit your Master's or Doctoral thesis. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have completed and signed all applicable forms before making your initial submission. 

Required forms for all students:

One or the other of these forms is required as per your situation:

Your manuscript has at least one chapter written in a language other than French:

This form must be signed by you and your program director.

Your manuscript includes one or more coauthored papers. You must fill out an authorization form for each paper:

You are requesting a restriction on release:

Important dates

Registration for the semester of your initial submission

You must be registered for the semester in which you make your initial submission:

  • For an activity in your degree program
  • For an ongoing research activity
  • For a graduate program at Université Laval (e.g., a doctoral program subsequent to your master’s program)

Important: Professional skills development (DVP) courses do not meet this requirement.

Semester start dates

Summer 2021Fall 2021Winter 2022Summer 2022
May 3August 30January 10May 2


Initial submission deadline

The deadline for the initial submission of your Master's or Doctoral thesis is the semester end date on the university calendar.

During your initial submission, be sure to send a complete evaluation file to the FESP, i.e. your Master's or Doctoral thesis as well as all the required documents and forms. If your initial deposit is not complete and the deadline has passed, you will need to register for the next session and maintain your registration for the entire session.

If you make your initial submission after the end of the semester, you will be required to register for the following semester and remain registered throughout.

SemesterMake your initial submission by (11:59 p.m.):If the initial submission is made on or after:You must register for the following semester:
Winter 2023April 30May 1st Summer 2023
Summer 2023September 3September 4

Fall 2023

Fall 2023January 14January 15Winter 2024
Winter 2024May 5May 6Summer 2024


International students: Registration for additional semesters after initial submission

Foreign students present on Canadian territory have the legal obligation to register full-time for all sessions of their study program, which includes the sessions of the initial deposit, the defense and the final deposit.

Exceptionally, during the last session of their program, foreign students can enroll part-time.

Foreign students registered full-time retain the advantages associated with this status:

  • You remain in Canada and must maintain full-time student status in order to meet your legal obligations and retain the following benefits:
  • Membership in the group health and hospitalization insurance plan for international students
  • Dental insurance provided by AÉLIES
  • Access to library services
  • PEPS membership
  • Student rate in campus residences
  • Maintaining an employment contract at the University or a part-time job off campus

Registration is not required if:

  • You leave Canada permanently and will not return to the country as part of his studies.
  • You remain in Canada, but has changed status (permanent residence, work permit, etc.).


Foreign students who have left Canada and wish to return for graduation only do not need to register for credits or have a valid CAQ and study permit at this event.

For more information, please write to or see this page.