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Processing time and certificates

The official date of initial submission is the date on which you transmit your complete evaluation file to FESP, i.e., a Master's or Doctoral thesis compliant with the applicable rules of presentation and publication, as well as the required documents and forms.

The date of transmission becomes the official date, regardless of the number of days it takes FESP to process your initial submission (5 to 10 business days, depending on the time of year).

If you initial submission is incomplete and the initial submission deadline has passed, you will be required to register for the following semester and remain registered throughout.

The official initial submission date can be used as a reference if you have a specific deadline to meet (e.g., for the payment of a success award). 

To obtain a certificate

It is possible to request a certificate to certify your:

  • Initial submission
  • Final submission
  • Thesis defence

You must make your request using this form
A fee of $ 9 per certificate is requested.

A period of 48 hours is necessary to produce the certificate in an electronic format.