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Essential tools and guides

The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies provides tools, webinars, and informative and practical guides to the university community. 

Tools and guides from the Faculty

Guide to Graduate Studies for Research Master’s and Doctoral Students

The Guide to Graduate Studies is designed to help you make timely progress and get the most out of your studies at Université Laval.

It has everything you need to know - starting with the first questions you should ask yourself before undertaking graduate studies - to effectively guide you on your way:

  •  Are you ready for graduate school?
  • The graduate studies framework at Université Laval
  • Research supervision and progress
  • Student’s roles and responsibilities
  • Research supervisor’s roles and responsibilities
  • Final evaluation: from initial submission to graduation

Guide to Graduate Studies (PDF) (in French only)

Practical Guide for applying for graduate scholarships or a postdoctoral internship

The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies offers you a Practical Guide for applying for graduate scholarships or a postdoctoral internship. This guide offers you useful tips for developing and writing your application.

Practical guide for applying for graduate scholarships or a postdoctoral fellowship (PDF) (in French only)

Student guide for choosing a graduate studies research supervisor

Student guide for choosing a graduate studies research supervisor (PDF)

The collaboration plan sets out the working agreement established between supervisor and student at the beginning of the student’s master’s or doctoral program.

The collaboration plan is mandatory at Université Laval for all research master’s and doctoral programs.

For more information and to view the available templates, go to the section Preparing your research proposal.

Université Laval ressources

You need help writing your work and research? These trainings will allow you to learn the main techniques and rules of writing in French to improve the quality of your texts.

See all the workshops (In French only)

The Bureau de la vie étudiante (BVE) actively supports students with extracurricular initiatives and with projects for showcasing their talents. It welcomes and supports students of all origins and helps them integrate into student life. In a spirit of cooperation, commitment, and respect, the BVE team offers students the support they need to make the most of their time at UL.

Workshops and conference on learning and achievement (In French only)

Information about grad studies (In French only)

L'Université Laval rejects all forms of discrimination and promotes the advantages of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), sources of wealth, excellence and innovation for teaching and research as well as for all members of his community.

To better understand the concepts, see trainings and services offered

The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (FESP), the graduate student association (AELIÉS) and the library offer one-day writing retreats called Et si on rédigeait!  

These retreats bring together students from all disciplines who are in the process of writing a thesis, dissertation, article, or research proposal or working on corrections to an existing text. The purpose of the retreats is to strengthen students’ sense of purpose, progress, confidence, and enjoyment in writing. Participation is free.

For upcoming retreat dates, visit the AELIES website (in French only).


As a true living laboratory in responsible entrepreneurship at L'Université Laval, La Centrale entrepreneuriale offers the opportunity to exchange, share and collaborate with other passionate students while taking advantage of the expertise of the various resources of the circuit.

See all workshops and trainings (In French only) 


In collaboration with its partners, Sentinel North deploys a rich program of transdisciplinary training activities designed to address the themes of its research program and aimed at developing forward-thinking skills.

Training workshops


To improve your French skills and achieve the level of language proficiency you need to successfully undertake and complete your studies at Université Laval, take advantage of the language learning support measures available to non francophone speaking students.

See all the information and programs

Library (In French only)

Faculty of Arts and humanities (In French only)

More ressources

Would you like to improve your skills and the way you communicate your research? Take part in our scientific communication training courses and get noticed! These interactive training courses are aimed at researchers, student researchers and other science enthusiasts who wish to communicate research work to different audiences.

Scientific trainings (In French only)

RaccourSci is a digital platform that offers resources in French to learn to express yourself in a clear, simple and concise way. It is aimed in particular at students and researchers to enable them to better communicate with their peers, the media or the general public.

To the Website (In French only)


Thèsez-vous is a non-profit organization that specializes in creating physical and human environments to facilitate scientific writing. We offer researchers and graduate students ideal conditions for writing theses, scientific articles or funding applications, based on documented best practices.

See workshops available