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Rules of presentation for compilation and article-based manuscripts

There are a number of special requirements for compilation and article-based manuscripts.


The preface is mandatory for Master's and Doctoral theses including articles. It goes in the front matter, after the acknowledgements, and just before the introduction.

The preface must contain information on:

  • The publication status of included articles (dates submitted, accepted, or published)
  • Any differences between the article included in the Master's and Doctoral thesis and the published version
  • Your authorship status (first author or co-first author)
  • Details of your exact role in preparing each article
  • The coauthors of each article


Each article included must be a separate chapter.

The chapter must include:

  • The original title of the article
  • An abstract in French
  • An abstract in the language the article is written in, if not in French The abstracts must be listed in the table of contents in the same way as the other sections of the chapter in question.
  • References

The format of the article must match the overall format of the thesis or dissertation.

The introduction and conclusion should tie the articles together in a coherent manner.

Do you have everything?

Checklist for compilation and article-based manuscripts (PDF, 121 KB)

Articles written in a language other than French

An abstract in French of a maximum of 150 words must accompany each article written in a language other than French.

For ease of reading, you should also include an abstract of the article in the language in which the thesis or dissertation is written.